Party Weekend(s)

Party Number One:

It was after-party number two, just to be confusing. This Saturday night I was invited to the NAK Formal, a formal for a fraternity. I had no idea what to expect, and I was thoroughly blown away. It knocked my socks off which is pretty impressive because I wasn’t wearing any. The food was absolutely delicious, and so were the five different kinds of cake. The NAK pledges roasted their big brothers, danced for us, and we had the best DJ I’ve ever danced to. Talk about a fun night to feel all dolled up with some great friends.

Gratitude Corner

I am overly grateful for my friends that have held me up these few weeks. They’ve let me cry and pout and growl through the hard times. A shout out to those who have given me meals in bed! So much love!

Squafam Gets Me!

Squafam is this little group-thing I’m a part of. It’s a group of two people, myself and Christian! We first met while working in Arcadia together, and somehow “Squad” and “Fam” meshed together to make “Squafam” because Christian and I are overly indecisive and didn’t want to let go of either title, so thus Squafam was born. I have a lot of friends that “get me” but Christian gets me on a deeper level. He gets me on a “chronic illness” kind of level. I won’t go into the specifics, but I am forever grateful for someone who truly understands the ups and downs, the inconsistencies, and the struggle with interacting with people that have no idea what a chronic illness really is. We’ve held each other up and laughed together, and at this time in my life, that is exactly what I need. Did I mention he’s in Welcome to Claradise? He is!

Party Number Two!

In One Week? Angie’s 19th Birthday Party, duh! To clarify, this one did happen first. It was a group of my 8 closest girlfriends, most from my dorm. The only thing we knew was that we were going out for dinner that Angie’s mom set up for us all for free on our end. So we made it an event and we all got dressed up, hair, makeup, all of it, and jumped into a limo. Where were we going? San Francisco of course! On the way, we were blasting our favorite dance tunes in the limo and laughing and singing. Angie’s mom FILLED the limo with eight bottles of champagne, 30 beers, and five or six flavors of Jell-O shots. Kamaile and I don’t drink and we were each supplied with our own bottles of apple cider, which was actually exceptionally tasty! All of us girls looked out for each other and our first rule of the night was safety. On top of the alcohol, we were given loads and loads of Cheez-its, chocolate, and other fun treats to make the night even better. In the limo, we stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge, took pictures in the windy cold, jumped back into the limo, and opened Angie’s presents. We went to visit her gorgeous high school and the pier where she would practice rowing in high school because she is an NCAA D1 athlete! We ended up at the famous Italian restaurant, Original Joe’s and had a perfect view of Coit Tower and St. Paul and St. Peter’s Chapel. We could choose anything on the menu so I ordered some jaw-dropping gnocchi which was the best decision of the night. We all ate three kinds of garlic bread before our main dishes came and filled ourselves up on classic Italian desserts after dinner. We walked around a little afterward and were laughing, holding hands, and having an amazing time together adventuring in the city. As we were on our way home, we had to stop the limo at a Jack-in-the-Box because Angie desperately had to go to the bathroom. Angie was singing to take her mind off of her bladder, which was icing on the cake!

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