Halloween Was a Thing That Happened

Halloween is tough for all of us theatre students, especially those of us involved in the mainstage show of the fall quarter which is actually a lot of us! This is a bit of a shame considering I think that us theatre students do Halloween best! So of course, we all know Halloween feel on a Tuesday night which meant we all had a dress rehearsal to attend! Instead of missing out on the festivities of dressing up, which we do best, we celebrated the Friday before at the Globe theatre house. Naturally, I went as Stitch and Meleah my best friend, soul sister, right-hand man, and another half went as Lilo! Because Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. And also, because no one else in the theatre or dance department could have pulled it off as well as we did. I’m pretty sure we were the life of the party! (more…)

But Really, That’s Exactly What Happened

The day after Peter and the Starcatcher came to a close, I packed my bags (and my grandma’s car) in one night and left at 5am to fly away on a plane. Bless the weather and functioning aircrafts because there wasn’t a single delay! That was a huge relief because the minute I walked off the plane I called an uber, rode it straight to Santa Clara University, lugged my bags into Unity Commons, dropped them at my feet, I was greeted with a binder, and I went straight into a 3-hour meeting for LEAD. What a great and chill “welcome back” right? It sure elevated my heart rate!


Party Number One:

It was after-party number two, just to be confusing. This Saturday night I was invited to the NAK Formal, a formal for a fraternity. I had no idea what to expect, and I was thoroughly blown away. It knocked my socks off which is pretty impressive because I wasn’t wearing any. The food was absolutely delicious, and so were the five different kinds of cake. The NAK pledges roasted their big brothers, danced for us, and we had the best DJ I’ve ever danced to. Talk about a fun night to feel all dolled up with some great friends.