Halfway Mark

It Really is Half Gone.

Monday the 6th we will be starting week 5 of winter quarter, but we will also be starting the second half of the school year. I can’t comprehend how much time has passed and how many memories have been made. It seems as if I just got here last week, yet it feels as if I have always been here. College is really, truly something special and is a time in my life I never want to forget. I’m happy to say that I’ve taken advantages of my opportunities and have already worked on amazing projects. Prayers that the opportunities keep presenting themselves and memories keep coming.

Gratitude Corner

I’m grateful for my Aunt Bridget this week. Today she took me to my church where I was baptized, Menlo Church. The message was perfect for my little life right now and all I can say is: God has a way with timing.

Anna Deavere-Smith!

She is Santa Clara University bound, and will be directing Welcome to Claradise for these next two weeks starting tomorrow! She’s very much a toughlove, bark but no bite kind of gal who will work you to the bone. We’re beyond thrilled and honored to work with her, but man are we nervous. I’m intrigued to see where she takes this unique show that has a giant set of potential that has not yet been touched. It was an unforgettable experience to have a single master class with her, and I can’t imagine what it will be like to work with here for three hours a night, every day of the week. Her work is exceptional. What other living human beings can claim that a whole genre of theatre was invented by them? It’s pretty dang amazing to say that she is co-directing our show, not many people get to say that! Here’s to a new adventure!

POTS, Flus, Cold, Midterms.

Don’t EVER wish for all of those to happen to a person at one time. Because, lucky me, I got a POTS episode, the 48-hour flu, a cold, and a midterm all in one week. Frankly, you probably saw me complaining about it on facebook. To catch everyone up, I will first say that I am fine, breathing, and alive! But at 10:30pm after rehearsal on Friday my body decided to say, “hey, I’m not really feeling up for processing your medicine. Maybe next time?” So long story short, the man himself, Aldo, quite literally caught me as I fell unconscious. Not only that but after driving me to my dorm and carrying me inside, he was the one to call for help. I came to and found paramedics everywhere. Off to the hospital in an ambulance I went, and Aldo drove to meet me without hesitation, I didn’t even ask. He stayed with me for the next four hours as the doctors slowly but surely got me to a conscious and upright position with enough strength to stand. He drove me home at 3am and we both immediately went to sleep. I asked the next day what his favorite candy and flowers were, and his way of saying, “I don’t need any thanks,” was asking for fancy invisible flowers and invisible candy that could even have gluten. Of course the next day I gave him what he wanted: A vase full of water with “fancy invisible flowers” that were in full bloom and a goody-bag of clear plastic wrappers filled with gluten-packed candies. Let’s just say I brought a huge smile to his face with our weird exchange of gratitude. Moving on, the next day I woke up with the throwing-up spectacular of the 48-hour flu and a cold that I still have. POTS peeps don’t have enough blood in our body, so flus and colds can be pretty dang debilitating and we can dehydrate exceptionally fast. This Friday, the 3rd, I was supposed to be in the school clinic for 20 minutes but quickly turned into 5 hours of getting 2.5 liters of fluids into my system via three IVs! I’m feeling MUCH better!

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