What is “Finals”?

War of the Nativity Set

My dearest grandma, Cheryl, sent me an adorable nativity set to put up in my room. Naturally, it ended up on top of the microwave so everyone could see it. Note: it is fairly hard to move because it is filled with fake (and messy) snow. The nativity set’s roof has a mind of its own and decides to collapse on itself at the most inconvenient of times. My floormates and I have officially declared war on my nativity set, and since then the set has only become more spontaneous with its “breakdowns.” I guess you could say that the effects of finals week are in full gear!

Gratitude Corner

I’m grateful for the incredibly inspiring professors I’ve had this term. They have all sparked my drive to keep up the hard work, and have encouraged me to continue down my path of honing my craft as an artist.

There’s A Bigger Plan

At the beginning of the year, I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t dance and be a part of the large choir. And as the quarter kept moving forward, I was missing singing and dance, even though I was still doing some of it. This weekend it was a part of my theatre class to attend Gallery, the mainstage dance show for first term. I went and was blown away by the messages, choreography, and sheer talent there was in my program. Immediately afterward, I slid by the church and saw that Festival of Lights, the mainstage choir concert, was starting. I wandered in (I’m a theater major with a special card so I can just do that), and the music brought me to tears. Right then was when I realized that this quarter I needed to receive the gift of music rather than give it, and it was beautiful to see my God work his large and perfect plan for me.

I Couldn’t Come Up with a Title.

I know you all love me and really don’t mind if I can’ think of a witty title at the moment. Week nine, literally nothing happened. No events, nothing exciting, we just rolled with the week. Actually, the week was unique in of itself because absolutely nothing exciting happened. Then Thanksgiving came, and I left the week refreshed and having been 0% productive which brings us back to last week! Last week was intense, even more so than finals week, which I am in the middle of right now. All but one of my classes had projects due before finals week rather than actual finals. So within one week I had to complete my last 6-page essay for English, write an Italian essay, record myself for an oral Italian test, write my second to last 5-page theatre reflection, and write/create/film/edit/produce a final Italian film. I also had to make a huge final project called an e-Portfolio for my English class that included every assignment and a reflection on each one. If you are interested in what I’ve been writing about, you can find my e-Portfolio by following this link: https://scu.digication.com/skylar_adams_lead_ctw_1/ Home/ and read all my reflections, a biography of my life, and read all my drafts and final products most of which was done 48 hours before the due date (Don’t tell!) The only thing I actually have for finals week is to memorize my lines for our final performance in my theatre class. Fun Fact 1: My one and only final has to be in the last time slot on the very last day of finals: Friday from 1:30-4:30. Fun Fact 2: Because finals week means 24/7 quiet hours, we will get fined $100 if we are loud or disruptive this week. Fun story: My English professor decided he didn’t want to teach class after 20 minutes, so as he was giving us directions to an assignment he packed up and left. The next class he came in with donuts, cookies, and bagels and said “I’ve got no plan for class. Take my food and have a great winter break.” I guess, welcome to college?

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