Where’s Winter?

Guys, I’m Adulting

Betsy and I started talking about how we’ve been rubbing off on each other. Betsy’s positivity and spontaneity have rubbed off on me, and my “adulting” has rubbed off on her. This may not be a surprise to some, but I’ve been doing dishes daily (praise the Lord I have more than one plate and cup) and I clean at least once a day. It feels so good! I’ve discovered the best herb cream cheese, swiss, turkey and cucumber sandwich, and the prime time to get dinner (rice bowls) at Benson. In case you wondered, my diet is very Hawaiian and Italian – Yay for teriyaki sauce, rice, and pasta!

Gratitude Corner

This weekend, I’m grateful for Arcadia and everyone involved. I am blown away by the love that has been shown to me the last few weeks. It is indescribable to be acknowledged and loved by those I look up to.

Theatre Parties

This weekend we had our cast party for Arcadia and it was the best SCU party of the weekend. Held at the theatre house, The Globe, we went down to the basement and there were theatre things everywhere. The tradition is to take one item from each mainstage show and take it to The Globe. So now as anyone walks in, there is a story to every single thing you see on the wall. Light and safe drinking by my friends, I’m always the sober apple juice drinker, we started a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I think I ate seven of them – hurray for college! Theatre families are just the right amount of fun, and the love is immense. A theatre party is my kind of party: great music, hilarious dancing where everyone can be themselves, intellectual conversations and memories shared, games, no grinding, no hookups, and a great time.

California Doesn’t Like Seasons

It REALLY doesn’t like seasons. I may have a pumpkin (or two or three) in my dorm room, but there are still green leaves on the trees and thriving grass under my feet. I love being able to sit outside at night eating a late dinner after a show and not being cold. I love my walks to classes, seeing the flowers still bloom and the squirrels acrobat around the trees. What I love most is being able to walk around at night with something light on; no need for an oversized coat with two jackets on underneath, making my 210lbs. body turn into 220lbs. Just from clothes. Sitting under a tree doing my homework, I realize that it’s almost mid November and I am outside with shorts and a sweater on. No jacket needed, nothing to cover my legs, and people are walking around with sandals on. With that said, I have fallen in love with the occasional rain. The excitement of wearing my rain slicker and my rain boots calls for every excuse to play like a child again. Not to mention the smell after a shower of rain is the most refreshing and calming scent nature has. Don’t get me wrong, being blessed with rolling hills, 12 varieties of trees on one corner, and astonishing sunsets every night is beautiful. But I miss the exciting chill that tells me winter is coming. I miss the first sprinkle of snow that yells, “Christmas is around the corner!” I miss bundling up and complaining that I have to take all my layers of and carry them around at school. I miss the colors of the sunset in the trees, and hearing the crunch of the dry grass. I miss seeing the leaves on the pavement dance around one another with the wind. I’ve found a new appreciation for fall and winter, and it’s one of the biggest things I’m excited to feel when I come home. I can guarantee that I will be freezing like an ice cube when I come home for break, but I’ll be happy and I’m so ready to feel it. Even though I love the t-shirt worthy sunshine, My little body is longing for some cold weather.

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