Betsy Shenanigans

Air Freshener vs. Gravity:

Gravity won. Rewinding to the beginning, my roommate Betsy, bought a little wall plug-in air freshener that smelled like gingerbread and candied waffles. Those things are supposed to last months, but she managed to plug it in upside down, and well. Gravity did its job. The whole thing evaporated into the air within two hours, and the whole Sanfilippo Residence Hall smells like freshly cooked waffles. Welcome to room 109, home to the shenanigans of Betsy and Skylar!

Gratitude Corner

I am incredibly appreciative of all my friends. I have friends from all walks of live, different interests and ethnicities left and right and couldn’t be more thankful for the love and kindness they have shown me.

Uber vs. Santana Row

My friends and I, including Betsy of course, wanted to go to Santana Row. Because we don’t have cars, we all use an app called Uber, a safe and cheap customizable taxi service. Betsy decided to use the faulty GPS feature “pick up at exact location.” The Uber driver called us to tell us he was here, but we couldn’t find him for the life of us. Well come to find out, the “exact location” Betsy’s phone picked up was in front of some random guy’s house five or six blocks away! Betsy got frustrated and dropped the Uber and so a) we lost our transportation, and b) the Uber drive just lost some cash. Long story short we had someone else pick up an Uber driver, typed in our location instead, and had a great time at Santana Row eating an Italian dinner. Overall we know to not let Betsy take up the Uber responsibility ever again!

Betsy vs. Everything

A normal morning with Betsy consists of four or five rounds of hitting snooze, forgetting to bring shampoo with her into the shower, and cycling through two or three outfits before leaving for class. She’s a special one and makes me laugh every time I get up. On “good” days I even have to remind her to put her shoes on before she leaves with just socks on a rainy day. Most of her epiphanies are realizing some area of common sense. For example, “Wow! I feel so much better having my room clean. I wonder why!?” or, “You know what I just realized? That if I do laundry once a week, my laundry bag wont overflow.” or my favorite, “Hey! It’s so much easier to find things when all my shorts are in the same drawer!” I love this girl to death, and between the two of us we have an amazing group of girlfriends. Myself and two other girls are non-drinkers and always have our phones on if anyone needs help, and we always have the buddy system (except when taking showers because that’s weird). Whenever I walk home from a long rehearsal or a stressful day of classes, I can’t help but smile as I wonder what lively thing is going on in our room. The lobby has become our study space and dining room, our bedroom has become our living room and we’re so happy to be able to call San Filippo our home. We couldn’t have asked for a better housing situation, and we all signed on together to room as a group of 8 next year. Of course, not all 8 of us in the same room, but it is 100% guaranteed that we will all be neighbors next year and we are so excited! We’re hoping for an apartment living style dorm called Graham which would be perfect for us. Whatever happens, we wont mind where we are because as long as we have each other, we can live anywhere. Of course, Betsy and I will be roommates again, and the only thing that awaits us are more and more adventures to come.

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