Dreadful #5

I Swear I’m Not High,

I just have allergies. Awful ones. Because my body hates flowers. And grass. And dust. And everything I inhale. But I had allergies so bad this week that I decided it would be a good idea to email my director for Measure for Measure telling him that when I come to rehearsal later, I am not actually high, hungover, or crying, I’m just drastically allergic to flowers. Also: EXCITING NEWS! The SCU 2017-18 Winter and Spring (Fall TBA) Mainstage Theatre Season has been announced: The Glass Menagerie AND Legally Blonde: The Musical – SO EXCITED!

Gratitude Corner

This week, I have to give a lot of credit to my future roomie, Emma, for being my dance buddy, lunch and dinner buddy, study buddy, venting buddy, and more. Thank you for letting me be human!

Oh Boy It’s Week 5

Week 5 is ROUGH and it always has been. I can’t even tell you how much midterms (I accidentally just wrote finals week and had to delete it – Freudian slip, much?) make Skylar cranky and sleep deprived. Oh, and stressed. Also, I hate group work. With a passion. Nothing better than texting the group all week to work, and they respond 48 hours before its due! Either way, it’s best when we all struggle and whine and complain together so study groups have been a lifesaver. Also, Measure for Measure has been a great stress reliever. This show’s topics of sexual power, abuse, and manipulation are so prevalent to the political and social climate, I am honored to be a part of a show that expresses so much hurt, as well as laughter, in regards to how actions affect others. Who knew Shakespeare could be so timeless?

Dogs? Spa Night and Bill’s Café!

Yes, dogs! There are so many of them on campus and most of which fall into the puppy category! I guess you could say that was the saving grace of this week. Every day I ran into a different puppy and each time my heart melted a little bit and I created some traffic on the walkway but no one really cared, because the focus was on the little pupper! This weekend was exactly what I needed. Saturday I had my wonderful group work that took up the whole day. Let’s not talk about that. But Saturday night, I actually proposed NOT drinking, and actually doing something that’s good for us! Bridget, Betsy and I went to Safeway to pick up some items for our girls night. We came back and met up with Emma in our room and had a spa night with facemasks, food, music, sad dog movies, and Safeway Monopoly! It was a great way to destress and have quality time with friends that everyone will remember. Who needs alcohol to have a good time? We don’t! We just need clay to put on our face!

On Sunday morning Emma and I started our day off right by going to the famous Bill’s Café for brunch and it’s never a bad decision to do so! We were happy and our tummies were full, so when we got back onto campus, we threw on our workout clothes and worked out together by running the track, biking, and doing dance strengthening and stretching. The rest of my Sunday mostly consisted of homework and going to mass as the SCU Mission. It was exactly what I needed to reconnect and gain my energy and focus back to start the rest of my week. It comes to show that when you take the time to really take care of every aspect of yourself, the time you sacrifice for it far outweighs any other consequence. If I hadn’t made the time to destress and nourish myself, I wouldn’t have had the “time” to get any work done.

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