City Girls Take SF

It was Eh.

I suppose, compared to other weeks, you could call my week four of spring quarter “eh.” Nothing exceptionally extraordinary happened during the week. I will say that I did enjoy our sunshine and doing homework outside. Okay, maybe there was more tanning and laying in the sun more than anything. But either way, it was a productive week of catching up on work, hanging out on the green grass (because apparently, we’re not in a drought anymore?), eating good food, and rehearsing for Measure for Measure.

Gratitude Corner

Shout out to my theatre family this week! They have been the most loving and supportive friends I have had in a while. Over here, no one walks alone in the Theatre Arts Department at Santa Clara University.

Friends? Maybe?

Get to know someone that you think has a perfect life and you will realize that what they truly want is what you have. If anything, that tiny bit of truth is something I learned today. The human in me has been pretty jealous of my neighbors for having so many friends, always having activities, always going out to a party, always laughing, doing everything together, without me. As I’ve got to know these people more closely, one of them told me, “I don’t like to drink or party at all but I go out anyway because I don’t want to lose my friends. The people I do like are the ones at CORE Christian Fellowship, but none of my friends will go with me.” And that’s when I was reminded that when I said “YES!” to God at seven years old, I instantly became a little bit different than everyone else. And a pretty cool different, at that.

Cheese, Ballet, Donuts, and Uber.

And in that order as well! My dear and beautiful friend Emma (AND FUTURE ROOMMATE!) splurged and got her and I tickets to the San Francisco Ballet’s Cinderella just for my birthday! We ventured over to the Exploratorium over on the pier, my Fitbit told me I hit my steps goal for the day at 11:00am, and when Emma and I got hungry we ended up at a place that literally just sells grilled cheese. San Francisco people know how to make a mean grilled cheese. And strangely enough, the cheesy sandwich is paired wonderfully with fresh strawberries. We wandered around through a farmers market and browsed through two very unique bookstores. Then our first of three Uber rides happened. We were in the same car with London, England tourists! How exciting! Then we ran to the ballet and every single bit of it was absolutely stunning and magical. It was an amazing way to spend our afternoon. But of course, afterward, we booked it for their gift shop and bought 50% off San Francisco Ballet dance shirts! Then, via another Uber, Emma and I were in the same car as a man who knew Emma’s hometown and just recently started training for the Pole Peddle Paddle in Bend, OR! Small world! We ended up shopping for the rest of the night (why not?) at Westfield mall and got two super cute crop tops for a total of $8! We shop well! We got kettle corn because at that point we were too lazy to look for dinner, and watched a man play the bagpipes on his stilts which beatboxing. We did end up finding dinner where I got a delicious salad and got catcalled at night on our way to Bob’s Donuts! Those donuts were well worth the 30-minute walk, and we ate them waiting for our last Uber. This one had to pick up a second pair of riders that made us miss our 9:15pm Caltrain back home. So what did we do to pass the time? We went to Panera Bread and got dinner number two to warm ourselves up for out 10:15pm ride back to SCU home.

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