I Had Time For That

I Memorized My Lines,

yet I still don’t know the Italian word for “Orange.” But I did memorize my 20 pages worth of lines that includes three monologues! This weekend, the 22nd and the 23rd, I will be starring in the SCU One Act Festival! On an exhausting note, I start my job this week. I will be working in the Admissions Office and assisting the scholarship recruitment officers and keeping everything organized; yes it’s right up my alley – projects and organization. On the more boring side, I have an Italian exam on Monday, the 17th at 11:45pm! Wish me BUCKETS of luck because I will desperately need it!

Gratitude Corner

This week I am grateful for the rain! I woke up with it tapping on my window, and I started to feel the fall season. The raincoats, hoodies, and rainboots were in order this week and I was “Singing in the Rain.”

I Wrote It Twice.

To be more specific, I had to write “it,” my 5-page essay, twice for the note that follows. Note to self: DON’T GO THREE DAYS WITHOUT SAVING A WORD DOCUMENT because then your laptop will happily automatically update itself and experience short-term memory loss with your essay in progress. I didn’t touch my fragments of a thesis I was left with for two days because I was so angry and frustrated at my laptop. It’s due on Tuesday so there was no pressure for it being late, but it’s still an awful amount of work to go back and find your quotes and try to remember what you said about them. Either way, my nights were spent in the library under the stairs and my second round of writing was actually much more concise and analytical which is great for a 5-page rhetorical analysis!

Santa Cruz and Other Adventures:

This week started with having the honor of meeting Francisco Jimenez, the author of Reaching Out, and the father of my professor, Francisco “Pancho” Jimenez. His humbling words and timeless advice was outstanding. That night I had my Bible study and honestly sat down for two hours learning more than I ever have over three months of church services. This week we are focusing on disciplining the mind – challenging, inspiring, and quickly life changing. Wednesday, I had my first Gospel Choir rehearsal for our performance we had at the SCU Open House this weekend! I was selected as a soprano, and we performed Amazing Grace, Belly Mamba, and It Will Get Better. I had no idea how much I missed being a part of a choir and I am beyond thrilled and overly thankful to be taken into the Gospel family. Saturday morning was SCU Open House and the day started off with a Gospel Choir showcase. After that, some theatre friends, Darrell and Meleah and went to the Santa Clara Farmer’s Market. Darrell bought us girls kettle corn as the two of us went to go get breakfast which consisted of mochas and delicious quiche. As we strolled through, I picked up amazingly juicy strawberries and a basket of plumcots, the best fruit hybrid EVER. Right after was the fourth One Act rehearsal of the week and then an extremely generous trip to Santa Cruz! Betsy, Ian, Rudy and I were taken to the boardwalk by Betsy’s parents and the treated us to everything; the food, rollercoaster, dessert, everything and it was a thrill! That night we had a huge movie night with a ton of food and all of Betsy and I’s friends over; Kira, Rudy, Ian, Liam, and Courtney! It was an absolute blast and we watched Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and quoted the whole thing. Sunday I had the opportunity to be on a panel of five and share my story with 75 high school juniors interested in SCU. Let’s just say that giving back to students was a great way to start my week.

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