The Green Room

Two Essays, 48 Hours,

and that’s what we call midterms. By Tuesday, October 11th, I should have two 4-5 page essays turned in. One for English and one for my LEAD Scholars class. Have I started either of them? Nope. Have I done 447 pages of reading instead? Yes. Did I need those readings to create my essays? Absolutely. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this: If I don’t respond to an email until Wednesday, you’ll know what I’m doing. Side note: Monday the 10th, I am meeting my professor’s father, who is coming to talk about his book we read and his experience at SCU in the 1960’s!

Naps in the Theater

More specifically, the green room. I have a minimum of 15 hours of rehearsal a week and it’s the highlight of every day of mine. Not to mention, I’m getting college credit for the show as well! I have the honor of watching our outstanding director work with us and have the thrill of perfecting my British dialect. When I’m not honing my craft in the rehearsal hall, you can usually find me down the street grabbing a cup of tea, or in the green room studying and/or sleeping. I was studying last week and fell asleep on the couch and ended up taking a two-hour nap. I went back to studying which included watching and reflecting on two videos for my theatre class. This is a link for one of them: watch?v=uba-qzbZsV8&

Please go watch and open your mind to endless possibilities.

Always Have Your Room Key

This may not be the story you are expecting. I went to the bathroom down the hall, and a group of friends wanted to do a late Star Wars movie night. I wanted, and needed, some time to myself so I graciously declined. My roommate, as sweet as she is, wanted me to come to have some fun (disclaimer: there was no alcohol) and had locked our door but my key was in our room. Naturally, she wouldn’t give her key away with her Student ID card attached to it, but I wanted nothing to do with a movie night. Like any person begging for her night to herself, I followed my roommate around for 45 minutes trying to get her to unlock our door. For a split second, she was distracted and left her bag unattended. Tired as I was, I snatched her keys out of her bag and literally sprinted back to my room. All was well in the end, but that was quite a college adventure. When I was settled in my room, it was warm and quiet. I opened my box full of my beloved letters and memories from all of you and began to cry. I am fully in love with Santa Clara University and as I was reading, I was overwhelmed by the love, strength, sacrifice, and dedication standing behind me. I am honestly in awe of how many of you believe in me, and it truly drives me to do my best every day here. I fell upon one note from a dear friend of mine. She passed on to me the best word of advice she was given and it’s what I am concentrating on this week and I wanted to share. She wrote to me,

Let others know that they are loved and be okay with not knowing (not having to be reminded) that you are so loved and cherished by everyone with whose life you’ve entered.

I’ll leave that as my last words for the week for all of you. I know that I am loved, and am so fortunate to have all of you behind me. I will always pursue what I cherish and you give me the strength to do so!

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