Are You Kidding?

Staff Meetings.

I had my first one for the LEAD program next year! To refresh the memory, I will be a LEAD Seminar Peer Educator next year with the LEAD First Generation program on campus. I am surrounded by the most diverse, sincere, and supportive group of people I know. Only being one step under the head of LEAD, Erin, is going to be amazing and I wouldn’t want anyone else in charge. I am so blessed and honored to be a part of the family during my time here as a student, and already one year later have the highest honor of giving back to younger LEAD scholars.

Gratitude Corner

It would be wrong to not thank my Grandma and my family this week. Their care and love for me have exceeded my expectations and I can’t put into words how thankful I am for them. I cherish you so much!

It’s Class Time Again!

But it’s absolutely riveting! My When God was a Woman class is diving into medieval chivalry, my Intro to Design class is consisting of tearing apart Romeo and Juliet and making various collages out of it, and my Christian Tradition class is filling me up with the Holy Spirit every time I sit to do homework. Psychology is extremely interesting as we do our own psychological experiments on class, or in reality, our hilarious professor just likes to play mind games with us all the time. And ballet has been a blast getting to channel my inner artist, and strengthen my control and balance all while destressing from my other classes that aren’t very stressful at all. Did I mention vocal lessons? They’re just as fun as ever, and the breath support is growing. And yes, Measure for Measure is going to be spectacular!

No I’m Not Kidding.

This week sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I believe most of you heard, but I was taken to the emergency room via EMT both on Wednesday and Thursday this week and was admitted to the hospital immediately on Thursday night through late Saturday. Let’s just say: POTS. Before I vent about the experience, let me tell you that I am now functioning at 110% and haven’t felt this good in a year. But let’s rewind for a second. I was feeling really lousy at rehearsal and took what should make me feel better, but instead, it made me feel 10 times worse. So I got EMT’d when I got home. Doctors said “you have POTS” and sent me home. That didn’t do a thing so I went to my student clinic Thursday morning, passed out there, and woke up in the ambulance with low oxygen and no sense of touch or hearing. I was admitted to the hospital with a doctor who never looked at my chart and didn’t know I have POTS until Saturday. Every single EMT, paramedic, nurse, caregiver, chart, and doctor knew I have POTS and EDS except the doctor on my case. That got me so angry I wanted to throw a vase out the window. But a second doctor, a cardiologist, came by Friday night and Saturday morning who is familiar with POTS and found that the two medications I was taking were slowly but surely conflicting with each other more and more as time went on. So after three tries at different medications, the last one worked like a charm. It’s a new drug but has never been linked to interfering negatively with anything else, especially what I’m taking on top of it which is the important part! My BELOVED Grandma Cheryl graciously came down to take me home to SCU and helped me get back up on my feet and make sure I was on my road to recovery. The rebound back to normal was exceptionally quick and I couldn’t be any more thankful for my big God in the sky, my prayer warriors, Grandma Cheryl and family, and of course, doctor number two.

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