Wow, What a Week

I Added my own Final.

No really, I just decided I was going to take up ANOTHER project and be an actor for the directing class final. No, I wasn’t in the class whatsoever, but apparently the student’s final was to direct a scene. Duh. But! They needed actors so I spent my Wednesday and Thursday nights in rehearsal, and performed a pretty hilarious scene Friday afternoon! It was a good time to laugh and create something from the bottom up with my friends. It was a perfect way to end a crazy-hectic week of memorizing monologues and scenes for my acting final and writing 12 pages in another!

Gratitude Corner

THANK YOU to Christian and his parents for taking care of me when my water bottle got spiked! POTS and alcohol don’t mix, friends, but I am a-okay, thanks to the Wiburn family! Forever in debt, – Me.

What’s Next?

Well, first of all, I am going on the Oakland Immersion trip tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to get off campus and make some truly amazing memories and friendships. I will be journaling it all, I promise, and yes there will be pictures! As for next term, I will be taking Ballet, Private Vocal Lessons, Psychology, When God was a Woman 2 and Intro to Design! It’s a solid, fun, and intriguing set of classes, and I am THRILLED! And for the summer, I am planning a trip back to Ashland as well as running an audition intensive at Tower Theatre! And plans for next year?! I’ve been hired by the LEAD Program to be a Peer Educator for the LEAD Seminar unit! I’m so honored and excited!!! On top of that, I have been asked by the SCU Theatre and Dance Department to be the prop manager next year! I sure am doing what I love!

Remember Auditions? Stun Guns?

Let’s put stun guns on hold for a second, because I got cast! Not only that, but I was cast in SCU Theatre and Dance Department’s final mainstage production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure! I have been cast as Mariana, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Marie (the female star AND 2014 OSF Seminar Semmie!) and I had a sleepover and completely organized and decked out our scripts, we are so excited! Don’t worry, Aldo was aware, and the amount of GIFs and memes sent in that group chat made Aldo laugh so hard when he was home, his wife came over and asked why he had been chuckling at his phone for 2 hours. Fun times!

So I know what you’re all thinking. Stun guns? YEAH. Apparently Betsy had a stun gun that she never opened that she and her mom thought would be smart to buy from her sorority. Well first of all it’s never been opened, and two, none of actually know and are too scared to use it. A guy, kind of a friend of ours, came in our room to hang out, and noticed the stun gun in the closet. He took it out, and long story short, for about two hours he was turning the electricity on and “pretending” to stun Betsy, our friend Bridget, and I and man did he get close. I finally got out of the room, and I was so flustered, I forgot everything including my phone to call anyone and my access card to get me in buildings. SO. When I tried to get back in I was almost stunned by the guy because he thought it would be hilarious to hide behind the door and stun whoever walked in next. I screamed, we were all screaming at the top of our lungs at that point at 12:30 in the morning, and I waited it out down the hall. I managed to get my stuff, and spent the night at a friend’s. I came back the next day to find Betsy and the guy sleeping together in my bed, that was fun. Overall, don’t have stun guns, it’s being taken care of by SCU, everyone has made up, none of us are mad at each other anymore, and all are safe and happy!

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