A Theatre Week

I’ve Been Shipped!

No, I did not buy a boat, no I did not get sent overseas, and no I’m not going on a crazy study abroad adventure (yet). But, our friend Squafam has officially made his return to the newsletters, and I believe he will continue to do so! As of February 13th, Christian and I are official! We may have been flirting and doing “couple-ish” things for a little while, but until 3am on February 10th, neither of us knew if the other one wanted to be more than friends, but we’re glad we both had the same answer. It’s a funny and cute story for sure! And yes, we are facebook official!

Gratitude Corner

This week I am grateful for my POTS specialist, Dr. Feldman. He started me on a new IV treatment, and it’s promising! And shout out to Aldo for calling the Cowell Health Center to make it happen!

Why are You Asleep?

Dear Betsy,

Why are you going to sleep so early? Earlier in the year, midnight was the earliest we would go to sleep! Now, I walk back from rehearsal around 11:00pm and the lights are off and you look like a little caterpillar wrapped up snuggly in a cocoon. Don’t get me wrong, you look adorable when you’re asleep, but man! I’ve got to tiptoe my way around and try and make some tea without waking you up! Sleep well, Betsy, beauty rest is the best rest.



P.S. I still ponder why you regularly forget to put shoes on. But that’s why I love you!

Shows, ADS, Shows, and Shows.

This week, and the weekend, I would say was a full the theatrical experience. I spent all week watching Anna Deavere-Smith (ADS) do her thing in rehearsal (which is quite a thing, may I add). The cast of Claradise got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her, and she came in with some delectable boxes of chocolate that made our 5-10 minute breaks through rehearsal absolutely delicious. Fun facts about ADS: she likes peppermint tea, and with either her gold converse or combat boots, she sometimes wears multiple pairs of socks as well as fancy tights or leggings under funky baggy pants. She has been eye opening and mind blowing to work with. Not to mention that while I was reading a comedic monologue I got her to completely burst out laughing – I’m pretty sure I won the day. Saturday I went to see the winter quarter One Acts, and saw an hour long One Act that night as well, a double feature all for free! Two were serious, and two were absolutely hilarious. It’s just funny to see your friends play old people, but what they did was exceptional work that made me laugh my head off and it warmed my heart up! Yesterday, on Sunday, my grandma (dad’s side) and I went off to Oakland and saw an outstanding one-woman autobiographical show that was written and performed by Echo Brown. Echo has been touring her show, Black Virgins are not for Hipsters, for a little over three years, and she is an amazing talent. If anyone has a chance to see her in action, PLEASE take the opportunity to do so. She is a light and her message is vitally important to what is happening in our world and in our country today. She speaks of personal experiences in the United States regarding racism and sexism and it brought the audience to tears; we felt ashamed one minute and found ourselves celebrating the next. The three shows this weekend made for a great weekend and it was a perfect way to start my CRAZY week of class projects!

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