Welcome to Swig

Wake Up Swig!

The least I can say is that there is never a dull moment in Swig Hall! I hear people scream “WAKE UP SWIG!” a minimum of four times a night, usually around midnight. College 101: It’s nice to be sober, but it sucks when you’re the only sober one on the floor and you have to watch a drunk person with EMT supervision until 2am. It’s very irritating also when I try to record my Italian Pronunciation assignment and have to redo it four times because the Swig hallways are so loud. Long story short, and many sleepless nights later—I’m moving out of Swig!

Gratitude Corner

I have never felt more thankful for you all giving me food and a quiet home. Thank you for telling me the importance of personal values and showing me how to stick to them. I said “no” to 12 parties in one week!

Skylar Gets a Cold

And a headache. The headache may have been caused by an excess amount of reading on a computer screen and too much time on Instagram and Facebook, but either way, I am feeling dreadful to admit to myself that I am in fact sick with a cold. My best friends are sweatpants, cough drops, and Sudafed. A few of my friends have found my blog and cried when they read about Dad and I! My sore throat recently became a cold after I went to the highly entertaining Quakes games with the Creach’s and my day of Menlo Church and a walk through San Francisco after playing in the Exploratorium. It was well worth it, and now I have an even busier schedule ahead of me full of more auditions, meetings with people who gave me my scholarships, and a meeting with the head of LEAD to help with my resume!

I Get it From my Grandma

I get my glorious style, my organization, my love for Christ, and my outgoing personality from my grandma also! All of those traits recently led me to be given the title of Assistant Stage Manager for Arcadia, and was asked to be on the writing team for Claradise! More auditions are to come this week, wish me luck!

On the flip side, I found a wonderful Christian group called CORE. I went to their kick-off bonfire on the Santa Cruz beach and had an amazing worship time singing, eating smores, and watching the sunset. I have found an amazing group of people and am excited to see how we grow together. As we were worshipping, a VERY attractive man was enthralled by my voice!

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