June – August 8: Assistant Choreographer, Assistant Director, and Fight Director for Hunchback of Notre Dame with Starstruck Theatre Company in Fremont, CA

August 4 – August 8: Internship with San Francisco playwright Brian Thorstenson for his new play’s workshop in preparation for its world debut in October in San Francisco, CA

August 9 – August 13: Train ride up to Oregon Shakespeare Festival with my mom and grandma to see four shows, reunite with friends, and support the 2018 Summer Seminar Swan Song in Ashland, OR

August 14 – August 26: Back in Central Oregon to appear in Jesus Christ Super Star in Bend, OR

August 27 – September 10: Back to the Bay Area to prepare for London! September 11: Flight to London, England!


Operation Deer Part II:

Update! A week or so ago, Marie and I completed Operation Deer and gave Aldo a deer mask. Yes, the inside joke is a long story. Well a few days ago Marie and I looked through his office window and couldn’t find the mask! Did he throw it away? Did he hide it? We were sure to find out. So we walked into his office and Aldo scared us by hiding behind the door because he just wanted to hear us squeal, and then uncovered the hilarious truth. He is currently using our deer mask as a coat and hat rack. The mask is happily mounted in the wall, and the antlers are hard at work!