Halloween Was a Thing That Happened

Halloween is tough for all of us theatre students, especially those of us involved in the mainstage show of the fall quarter which is actually a lot of us! This is a bit of a shame considering I think that us theatre students do Halloween best! So of course, we all know Halloween feel on a Tuesday night which meant we all had a dress rehearsal to attend! Instead of missing out on the festivities of dressing up, which we do best, we celebrated the Friday before at the Globe theatre house. Naturally, I went as Stitch and Meleah my best friend, soul sister, right-hand man, and another half went as Lilo! Because Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. And also, because no one else in the theatre or dance department could have pulled it off as well as we did. I’m pretty sure we were the life of the party! (more…)

Crash Course on the Month of October

So if you didn’t notice, I dropped off the face of Newsletter land during week five of last quarter! My apologies! Of course, I never want to leave you out so here is a crash course of what I remember from the last two weeks of October, which were weeks 5 and 6. Week 5 I applied to go on the Theatre Department’s spring break immersion trip, Teatro Catalina, in Nicaragua which is pretty much giving the Catalina community a week-long festival of theatre. My schedule says I “literally slept all day” on October 21st and that I saw a wonderful Sam Shepard show in San Jose on Sunday of week 6. Funny story about that show: Emma (my roommate) and I walked to the show from dinner and google maps took us in a 2-mile circle back to the restaurant. We were both in heels. We found our way! On the weekend of week 5, I got to see the premiere screening of Night Skies, the short film I worked on with Aldo! It was a huge success, and Aldo pulled me onstage without telling me ahead of time. I had a modeling gig in the middle of week 6! I also had tech week of The Foreigner during week 6! No wonder I didn’t get a newsletter out.