June – August 8: Assistant Choreographer, Assistant Director, and Fight Director for Hunchback of Notre Dame with Starstruck Theatre Company in Fremont, CA

August 4 – August 8: Internship with San Francisco playwright Brian Thorstenson for his new play’s workshop in preparation for its world debut in October in San Francisco, CA

August 9 – August 13: Train ride up to Oregon Shakespeare Festival with my mom and grandma to see four shows, reunite with friends, and support the 2018 Summer Seminar Swan Song in Ashland, OR

August 14 – August 26: Back in Central Oregon to appear in Jesus Christ Super Star in Bend, OR

August 27 – September 10: Back to the Bay Area to prepare for London! September 11: Flight to London, England!


It’s the Little Things

We all have our favorite shower stall. We also all have the same toilet we want. Communal dorms are a special experience for sure but that doesn’t mean it can’t be amusing! For the record, the best sink is the one on the far left (the one on the right is a little loose), the shower that gets the best heat and water pressure is the third one from the left, and the cleanest toilet always seems to be the third one down. The only thing about that toilet is that the toilet paper holder fell down on me once. Oops. It’s a give and take, right? Right.


That Food Though!

Oakland, California sure does know how to cook some food! As I mentioned before, my spring break included an immersion trip to Oakland, CA conducted by the Ignatian Center at Santa Clara University. It was more than an amazing time it showed me, yet another lens in which people view what is right and what is going wrong in our world today. And just to make the trip that much better, we were exposed to some outstanding food from all different cultures. And don’t get me started on the ice cream. That was fantastic.